Embodied Media Studio

Selected intermedia art projects from John Crawford and partners, connecting diverse communities through embodied interaction in dance, theatre and music.


Emergent Media Research

Applied research in socially engaged artmaking, emergent media and connected design, creating interactive experiences to engage people in tangible, sensorial and experiential ways.


Eco ArtLab

Artistic performances and exhibitions that enhance ecological awareness, engaging with new forms of expression enabled by the emerging media technologies of our time.



Courses and workshops to engage and challenge technology-savvy art makers, storytellers and designers, providing opportunities to enhance creativity and develop new skills.



Informal educational exchange programs, supported by UC Irvine's Emergent Media Research Group, that connect students and faculty with peers at other leading institutions.



John Crawford is an intermedia artist, performance director and systems designer. Engaging directly with the emerging technologies of our time, his work creates rich immersive environments and compelling interactive experiences through embodied interaction.

His artistic projects are performed in theatres, exhibited in galleries and presented as interactive installations, featuring creative exploration of environmentalism, climate justice and community engagement. His work investigates how the human desire to transform our environment is unleashing destructive forces that endanger the world and everything in it, including ourselves.

Current work includes Your Ocean, My Ocean, a collaborative transdisciplinary project that responds to the natural beauty of ocean ecosystems while calling out detrimental human impacts. He originated the Active Space concept for his intermedia software framework upon which such projects are built, and which he has continued to evolve and develop for over twenty-five years. His research connects body-centered artistic practices with evolving methods for expanded media performance, multi-site interactivity and responsive system design.


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